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5 Things To Do for Black Friday


I once went Black Friday shopping for 26 HOURS STRAIGHT- no kidding. 😲 The local paper actually stopped and interviewed us!   So… I’m kind of an expert.


Here or 5 Things TO DO if you were going Black Friday shopping in stores:


1 - Limber up!  🙆‍♀️

➡️ Yep, you’ll want to stretch those legs and arms, shake off some of that Thanksgiving dinner, and get ready for marathon walking and shopping cart races.


2 - Stay hydrated! 🚰🚰

➡️ After you’ve had a big Thanksgiving dinner, it’s really important that you take in plenty of water and continue to do so throughout your black Friday shopping extravaganza.  Coffee is NOT a replacement for water, but you should have that, too!


3 - Keep a peaceful mind!  ✌️😌

➡️ Important before, during and after your Black Friday shopping marathon.  Getting caught up in the excitement of deals that feel like steals is easy; remember, it’s just stuff.  Be ready to turn around or walk away from something on your list that’s too much of a hassle or is sold out.  The Sun will still rise tomorrow.  And it’s not worth the stress or going to jail for :) Enjoy the excitement, the season, the experience. And do it all with a peaceful mind.  Easily done by laughing… a lot… At yourself, at the situation, at the people you’re with.  Black Friday shopping is BEST experienced with others.  Give your Black Friday entourage a fun name and have matching t-shirts made! Indeed, you will all find peace in your togetherness.


4 - Make a list! 🗒

➡️ And check it twice! You want to do this ahead of time to be sure you have a list of A - everyone you need to buy for, and B - the gifts you’d like to find for each of those.  If you go without a list, you’ll likely come away with lots of great deals and steals that were exciting to purchase but are also all for you.  Skip the buyer’s remorse, make a list, and stick to it!


5 - Make a Plan!  📝🗺

➡️ Making a plan requires a few hours of recon ahead of Black Friday. Scouring circulars or the Internet for Black Friday deals,  Door Busters, and the hours for both the deals and the stores you’ll hit.  You also want this plan to be in order of priority: Which items are most important? Which can be purchased at which stores or multiple stores? Consider the demand for certain items, and plan accordingly. Consider lines for hours and getting a number and divide and conquer with your Black Friday Marathon Posse?


Your plan and strategy should include breaks:  lunch; coffee break; a dessert stop.  These planned breaks are great to regroup if you’ve split up. These breathers allow to check your list, status, budget, and your peace of mind.


❇️ Before any of these 5 Things, plan to HAVE FUN and enjoy the experience.  You can get organized with your list by downloading our FREE Master Gift List organizer at  See link in Bio! ❇️

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