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Oh, April!  How Perfect You Are!

I went to school with a girl named April.  She really was a total sweetheart.  Always nice and smiling, and she had the tiniest little gleam in her eye that told me she’d be up for some mild mischief.  And while I am sure she is perfect for someone (and likely many someones!), she is not the April I am serenading in my title.

My adoration is for the month of April.  Little did I know about these particular 30 days of the year whose showers promise May flowers.  Many of us simply walk out our front door stepping into April’s sun with upturned faces relishing its warmth after months of chill.  We inhale deeply taking into our bodies the smell of rejuvenation and hope that accompanies the onset of Spring without fail.  But, my friends, April is so very much more!

According to the National Day Calendar’s website, April’s “nаmе is derived from thе Latin wоrd aperit, which means ‘tо ореn.’  It іѕ соnѕіdеrеd thаt Aрrіl іѕ thе month оf the growing season and whеn trееѕ аnd flowers bеgіn tо ‘ореn’. It is аlѕо bеlіеvеd thаt the mоnth’ѕ nаmе is named after the Greek gоddеѕѕ, Aphrodite (Aphros).”

Two details struck me as serendipitous upon this reading:  1 – the Greek association for April, as Xenia Box is named for the Greek concept of hospitality and generosity; and more divine is 2 – that April is derived from a Latin word meaning “to open” – as you open gifts, and also as that is just what we are doing this month – opening Xenia Box online!    

I believe firmly in the energy of the universe – the higher power and glorious hand of God; His perfect timing, not mine; the very real purpose of pebbles and boulders in our path that pace us on our journey; and the potency of a moment that provides the nudge you need to take the next step.

Out of all of this universal energy over the last 9 months, Xenia Box has been born.  (And there, friends, is another perfect realization for me – 9 months!

In just a few days she will be OPEN to you and ready for you to browse and build your own Xenia Box of gifts to be delivered and to create joy in the lives of those near and far.    

Will you?  Will you join me on my journey?  I hope you will allow me the honor of serving you this way – making gift-giving simple and joyous, and making kindness and generosity familiar again.  And I hope that you will look forward to new items, helpful elements, and fun details in our store as we bloom open and grow.

We launch on April 22nd, and we will be counting down until then!

  -  Laurie Suire, Xenia Box founder

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