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The Greatest Vows Ever Said

 Third Time Bride Quote That was my favorite of all my weddings

We went out for a forty-something style birthday celebration for one of my Yayas recently.  These girls I’ve shared life with since high school are dang near the top of my “favorite humans” list.


For the “another trip around the sun” celebration we went to a less rowdy, whiskey bar followed by dinner at PF Chang’s (yes, yum!).  Like any time a great group of friends gather, there’s always that one in the group who has the best stories. I’m sure you can name your friend who’s like this, hear his or her voice, see the enraptured faces leaning in, and hear the laughs that follow the tale.


This particular friend among my Yayas happens to be on her third marriage.  And I am so damn happy for her because, as she put is so well, “I finally found everything in him I’ve prayed for; and I better die first because I cannot bear the thought of living without him now that I’ve found him.”


Let’s hit pause there so I can say:  I am in awe of her determination to love and to be loved; to keep seeking and putting herself out there; to believe that there was someone still out there that she just had not met yet; and most of all, to believe in herself and her worth and in God and His perfect timing.  She is brave and beautiful and funny and fiercely loyal and loving.  She deserves everything.  And I can only feel a bit of pity for the ones who didn’t appreciate her or didn’t find her. 


Now, back to her profession from that night.  Wow.  What a true love.  It’s a young love even though they are much older, and that’s also what makes it so beautiful.  They’ve each been through first love, hope, decisions that felt unbearable but were right.  They’ve been broken, and they recognize their treasure in each other.  They don’t take that for granted.


This amazing friend also said, “That was my favorite of all my weddings!”  Of course, we laughed.  But we sooo agreed!   And truly one of the highlights were the vows she wrote and recited that evening in an intimate and cozy private room of the bar they went to and shut down on their first real date. 


She honors me in allowing me to share my favorite lines from her promise of forever:

“You are the Han Solo to my Princess Leia; and in the wise words of Salt-N-Pepa: ‘What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty, mighty, good man.’ ”


It’s in honor of the Summer Brides I share this.  Whether the first or fifth trip down the aisle, may you have a long life of deep and understanding love.  I wish you the wisdom to recognize your blessing and the strength to fight for it when necessary.  I hope your union is blessed beyond measure, and that together with your partner you have or can create the means to live a long life of your dreams.


Are you attending or gifting for an upcoming wedding?  Do you find it difficult to express a message to them other than just signing “from”?  Here are a few messages and prompts for just these occasions!


Your love is something great poets create sonnets about.  It’s a joy to celebrate the two of you on such a beautiful occasion.


Wishing you a never-ending love story filled with excitement and happily-ever-after.



Watching you fall in love has been among the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed.  And now, celebrating you saying “Forever” will be the icing on the cake!   There will be cake, right?


Download more Wedding Gift Messages & Prompts here.


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