Create Joy! Getting a Xenia Box is a Gift Experience!

About Xenia Box


Based on the Greek concept of hospitality and generosity, Xenia involves the principles of mutual respect, friendship and a gift.

Many of us have read (without realizing) in our high school reading of the Illiad and the Odyssey about Xenia and what befalls one who violates it.  The full story of this ancient tradition that applied to being the quintessential host is fascinating!

We’ve applied the fundamental aspects of Xenia to our gifting concept.  Just as in Xenia where the favor lies with the guest, the gift is about the recipient. 

  • What would they enjoy and appreciate?
  • What are their interests and hobbies?
  • What is their relationship to you?
  • How will they think of you each time they use their gift?

Our Promise to You:

You are a guest to our store!  As your host, for our part at Xenia Box, we strive:

  • To grow and offer a selection for you to find a great gift match for your recipient;  
  • To make the gifting experience from present to presentation a delight – simple to select, joyous to send, and exciting to receive; and
  • To create those joyful moments we seek for our spirit to be filled.

 We promise surprise and delight!

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 About the Founder:  Laurie M. Suire

Xenia Box is based in South Louisiana, the Cajun Prairie, where summers are hot, the food is flavorful, and hearts are big!  Generosity to us is anything that makes someone's day a little brighter, their load feel a little lighter.  As Cajuns, we also find immense joy in cooking and eating, traveling, Mardi Gras, and being surrounded by friends and family.  I, personally, also seem to really enjoy dressing up - either in costume or for a formal event - according to my personal Facebook photo album!

The greatest thing that I am, the most important role I will ever play is being a mother to three boys who are growing entirely too quickly.  And I am able to be their mom and all that it involves because of the incredible husband, father to my children, and partner God gave me who only ever wishes to see me soar.  I don't take for granted how blessed I am with these treasures.

As many moms can attest, my children have created bountiful joy for me in the smallest of things like picking wild flowers (ok, weeds) for me or fixing me a plate of Easter candy from their own baskets as a snack when I've been in a surly mood.  And my husband has the most wonderful, extraordinarily generous heart.  It is these people who continue to remind me how important small gestures are to creating our own happiness.    

From these examples of kindness along with the spectacular journey of life, I have arrived at creating this boutique that allows me to do something I'm incredibly passionate about - serving others in a way that fills their spirit.

I am honored that you took so much time to learn more about me and Xenia Box!  We love and value new and returning friends.  Please drop us a line to say hello anytime at