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Turkish Towels


When the Roman Empire was in power in the region, the Turkish thin towel, or peshtemal, became a prominent decorative fixture in hammams (the public baths that were inspired by the Roman baths of the period).  These luxurious towels were always soft to the touch and extremely lightweight.

We are OBSESSED with Turkish Towels!  We love the history, the benefits and the look of these; and we wanted to share them with our Friends.

  • Because they are thinner than a traditional towel and so lightweight, they travel fabulously.  But don't let their "thinness" fool you - these lovelies are super-absorbent and get softer and more absorbent with each wash. 
  • Unlike towels you are probably using now in your bathroom, Turkish towels don't get coarse over time.  And they are quick-drying, so you can use them, hang them to dry, and they won't get that unpleasant musty smell.  The re-usability of these makes them very eco-friendly!
  • Also, because they are lightweight they can double as a wrap for the beach or pool.  They are hand-crafted in beautiful designs reminiscent of their origin, so they make an attractive accessory to your swimwear.  

NOTE: It is recommended that the Turkish towel be washed prior to first use to open and prime the yarn fibers for absorption.