Create Joy! Getting a Xenia Box is a Gift Experience!

Why Xenia Box

 Xenia Box Gift Box Packaging

It’s not just a gift shop, it’s a gifting experience…

… for both the giver and the recipient.  We promise to surprise and delight you both!


Are you a gift-giver by nature?  Or do you dread gift shopping?  Whichever you are, we’ve created spaces for you to make your gift journey easy and still fulfilling.



Shop by Who you are gifting or shop by the Message you want to convey.  You can also go through the “Who” and choose the “Message” using the filter option!


Concierge Service

Our Kindness Concierge is a brief series of questions that guides the “Gift Valet” to recommending a product that fits those qualities.  It’s only a suggestion, and you can certainly choose to add items or select something else entirely!


Special Touches

Gift Messages & Cards

In your cart, you can indicate if an item is a gift and compose a personal Gift Message that we are able to print on a lovely card (this is perfect for when you ask us to send the Xenia Box directly to the recipient for you).  You can also choose to leave the Gift Message blank, and we will include the card for you to write your note when you’re ready (this is ideal when you are receiving the gift to give in person).

Extra surprises

Our Xenia Boxes always include a few extra surprises, just because.  Surprise and delight!  Order one for yourself to get the full experience :)

Attention to detail

Every item is handled, each box packed with both you and the recipient (if it’s to be delivered directly) in mind.  We put a great deal of thought and care into the presentation and the experience of receiving and opening a Xenia Box.  Again, surprise and delight!


We sincerely appreciate your trust in us to provide this service for you – to create joy for others and to fill your spirit with some measure of pride and joy in your gesture.  We don’t take that lightly.  In fact, it’s our mission and our passion! 


Our approach to our mission to create joy is very personal, just as selecting and sending a gift is for you.  We want to know you, and we want to offer surprises to you regularly.  Send us an email at if you are looking for something special, if you have a question, or just to say “hello!”  Be our email friend by signing up for our Newsletter and announcements exclusively for our email friends.  Join our Xenia Box family!