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Year of Dates Ideas

We're so glad you got your own "Year of Monthly Dates!"

We broke them down into "season" cards to take into account the weather you might have where you live.

"If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try."


1 - Which month is your first Winter or Spring, etc. is entirely up to you!  Choose that and go from there.

2 - Now it's time to fill in those circles.  You can do this together, or one of you can "be the boss" of this or maybe take turns with each card.  Below are ideas for each category for the seasons.  Of course, this is your set, so feel free to use them as inspiration, change them up, whatever fits your life and relationship.

3 - Caution: consider that any circle in each category may be scratched.  You may not want to end up with a Sunday date at a restaurant in your robes :)

4 - Once the circles are filled in with your date options, cover each with one of the gold scratch-off circles that came with your pack.

5 - Decide when you'll scratch that  month's "create a date."  Perhaps it's the end of the prior month or on the first of the month.  This will give you time to plan according to your schedules.

6 - If an option makes you a little nervous, it probably means it will be a great time!  Laugh, enjoy, connect, reconnect.  Be bold, try new things, take some trips down "Good Memory Lane."Spring Date Ideas

Summer Date ideas
Fall Date Ideas
winter date ideas